a memoir
    Stanley A. Weiss
  • “…funny, poignant, and almost breathlessly candid…”
    –Lesley Stahl


    “A great read about a great life!”
    –Gen. David Petraeus

  • Most of us spend our lives talking ourselves out of things. But what could you accomplish if you never held yourself back? What if, despite your fears, you went for broke every time?

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Being Dead is Bad for Business

“Weiss recounts his life with vigor and possesses the easy narrative skills of a seasoned raconteur. The depth and width of his experiences over the course of the last half-century ensures that the book glitters with anecdotal diamonds.”

“Being Dead Is Bad for Business is an engrossing read. It offers a clear-eyed, engaging look at one serial entrepreneur's journey from a driven, starry-eyed youth to an international business executive and philanthropist.”

“Not surprisingly, very touching, quite moving, and true. . . . it’s very good.”